Why work with InHabit rather than buying property by myself?

InHabit has been working on and refining this model for years and over multiple properties with multiple investors. When becoming a Franchisee with InHabit, you will be benefiting from our experience and expertise in franchising, property investment, refurbishment, lessons learnt, group buying power and being part of a community.
The InHabit team will mentor you through developing a portfolio of investors and property whilst supporting you in managing the trades needed for an effective, refurbishment delivered to the right standard on time.

What level of risk is there?

Investing in a franchise gives the comfort of having a proven business model and the opportunity to be in business for yourself whilst not by yourself meaning a lower level of risk than a start up with no track record.
Investing in property is a great way to build longer term wealth, with a short-term return in the form of rent. As a Franchisee you may support investors with sourcing and managing their portfolios. You may also have your own properties as part of that portfolio.
Property legislation is changing rapidly and more often than ever before. One of the benefits of being an InHabit Franchisee is that you are minimising your exposure to risk as we will update you on any changes in legislation from Government or local authorities and advise you of new compliance regulations.

Is the Franchise Model tested?

Yes, we have been operating a very successful model and portfolio of c.80 properties owned by several investors in the North East. This model and portfolio has been built up over the last five years. Based on this success, we are now granting franchise licenses around the UK.

What agreement would we have? Do I need take legal advice?

You would need to sign our Franchisee relationship agreement, a letter of confidentiality and our Franchise agreement.
We would advise you to take independent legal and financial advice as part of your due diligence. We have purposefully kept our relationship agreement simple and to the point as we feel this helps to guide our working relationship. Our Franchise agreement has been drafted by a British Franchise Association (bfa) accredited franchise lawyer.

What will the franchisor do for me?

We will guide, mentor and train you through the InHabit process and how to set up and run your business. This includes guidance on working with Investors, sourcing and appraising properties, managing repair and refurbishment of properties through to letting and managing properties.

What is the joining process?

We have a recruitment journey that all franchisees will follow. InHabit operate to a clear set of values and part of our selection process is to ensure all Franchisees share those values and will operate their business accordingly. We are also checking for commercial acumen and that there is a mutual desire and shared ethos to be able to work together.

What training is available?

Training, support and mentoring is available for every aspect of the InHabit model. We deliver this through a blended approach, always with an eye on the Franchisee’s learning style to make it as effective as possible.

Do I need property experience?

No property experience is needed although an interest and a desire in being involved in the property sector is essential.

I’ve not run my own business before……

No problem at all – part of the InHabit franchise package will be guidance and support on setting up a business and becoming a business owner. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone who has always wanted to run their own business and/or become involved with property.

Will you help me to find properties?

As a Franchisee, it will be your role to source properties and appraise for InHabits investors. We will guide and train you through the process of sourcing and appraising properties.

How will I go about any necessary renovations and ongoing property maintenance?

We will share the InHabit way of renovating a property and the standard to which we expect all our properties to be repaired and refurbished to. Part of our process is to help franchisees identify partners who have necessary skills and trades to help support ongoing property maintenance.

Who are InHabit registered with?

InHabit will be registered with:
• The Property Redress Scheme
• The Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS) – the original Government authorised Custodial scheme and the largest deposit protection scheme provider in the UK
• NRLA – National Residential Landlords Association

How are you qualified to advise me?

We are not advising; we are showing you property opportunities. You would need to take your own legal and financial advice. We are not property surveyors or financial advisors.

How is the pandemic impacting the property rental market/yields?

One of our USP’s is the charities we work with. During times of difficulty, the demand for good quality safe homes to rent from charities and private tenants increases. This means we are looking for investors to buy properties and for franchisees to manage the end to end process.

What will happen with my information?

Your information will be stored securely. We are registered with the ICO and adhere to their guidelines.

What are the next steps?

The next steps are for InHabit to take a few details from you.
We will then answer any additional questions you may have before arranging a factfinding call. This is a two-way process so that you can learn more about the opportunity as well as check that we are right for you, and for us to check that you are right for us.

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