How long has the company been operating?

Trevor Brocklebank, who has an extensive and successful background in business, started his own personal property portfolio in 2019 and found the process so rewarding that he launched InHabit in September 2020. Bringing together a team with extensive experience in property and investment.

Will InHabit guide us through everything we need to do?

Yes, we recognise that investing in property can be perceived as challenging and confusing due to the many choices you have as an investor. By being part of InHabit you will benefit from our guidance and support. It is our job to make the process as simple as possible for our investors. We can do this as we have refined our processes through the multiple sales we have guided investors through over the years.
Being part of the InHabit Community will allow you to access a wealth of skills, systems, and experience in the property sector.

How much do I need to invest?

Our investors typically have between £25,000 and £1,000,000 plus, to invest. The amount you need to invest will depend on your property investment strategy, which we will work with you to create.
We are regularly sourcing properties for between £50,000 and £100,000. Depending on your investment budget you could decide to purchase one or multiple properties with or without a mortgage. On average, investors achieve returns of circa 7% after fees.

Will I own the property?

Yes, although InHabit will source and present properties to you, you will be the purchaser of the property and therefore responsible for the property.

Can I get my money out?

As you own the property, you can release funds by either selling the property or mortgaging the property. Selling will take as long as any house sale takes, however, being part of the InHabit community may mean another investor will buy the property from you. Reversely, you may have the opportunity to purchase property from other investors, often already refurbished and with a tenant in situ.

How much involvement will it take from me?

As much or as little involvement as you choose. InHabit investors are often completely hands off with the day-to-day management of properties delivered through InHabit’s network.

How do I find a tenant?

Sourcing tenants is one of the services InHabit offer to their Investors. One of our USP’s is that we work with charity partners. The charity will often take an up to 3 year repairing lease ensuring there are no voids in letting the property and you are guaranteed for the property is handed back in good condition.

What level of risk is there?

Investing in property is a great way to build longer term wealth, with a short-term return in the form of rent. House prices do not go up in a straight line, therefore, it is key to understand what you want from investing in property and have your eye on the longer-term plan.

What protection do I have?

As an investor, you will also be a landlord meaning you will own your properties and therefore have total control over your assets. You can terminate your lettings contract with us with one months’ notice and use another agency or manage your property yourself.

Who are InHabit registered with?

InHabit will be registered with:
• The Property Redress Scheme
• The Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS) – the original Government authorised Custodial scheme and the largest deposit protection scheme provider in the UK.
• NRLA – National Residential Landlords Association

Once I have a property, what will I be liable for?

As a landlord, InHabit can support or manage on your behalf the lettings process and make sure you are compliant, providing your tenants with a safe property, refurbished in a way that is in line with InHabit’s standards. You will need to insure the property however council tax and bills will be the tenant’s responsibility.
InHabit have systems in place to help you manage your responsibilities as a landlord and can complete any necessary checks on your behalf as part of our lettings process.

How will you keep me updated?

This depends where you are on your property journey. If it is your first property and we are managing the refurbishment for you, we will speak to you regularly to update you on progress. If you are renting to a long-term tenant through a charity, you may only have contact in the form of a monthly statement as once your property is let it will require very little input. You are welcome to contact the national office team as often as you like.

How are InHabit qualified to advise me?

We are not advising; we are showing you property opportunities which you may wish to take your own legal and financial advice on. We are not property surveyors or financial advisors.

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